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Not long ago, I've started watching Running Man, but I wanted to watch it all in order. I was watching episode 31 peacefully when I see that caption "Gwang Soo's cerebral-palsy like gaze!" I couldn't believe it. I don't know if the translation is accurate or not, but it certainly pissed me off.
I have a brother who has cerebral palsy (slide to the next photo to see my brother) and seeing this on one of my favorite shows, it's disgusting. I'm completely offended by it. You may think it's not a big deal, but it's something sensitive to me. It was intended to make people laugh I get it, but having a sibling with a medical condition is no joke.
It's enough with my little brother thinking that he has no brain, and that caption, I don't see how funny that is since they aren't the only one's who have a blank faces. I'm still going to watch this show but that was so uncalled for. (I know it was released years ago, but I'm not going to let it go)
I love running man (like it's my drug) and I hate anyone who badmouths it, but in your case it is acceptable, I'm so sorry that that this hurt you, I'm sure your brother is smarter than all those rude people who dared laugh at him, I hope you know that the Kpop community supports you<3 stay strong
you have the right to feel this way. mental illness and physical conditions aren't jokes. smh i cant stand people making them into jokes.
@NoelleKimberly You see, it's not only on Korean shows but all over the world. But coming across to that on one of my favorite shows, it did disappoint me since I'm weak for children with medical conditions so that offended me on their behalf
There's just no way that that would ever be funny? Like, in what way shape or form did they think that was going to come off as a funny joke?
@JustinaNguyen Exactly! Even if my brother's only way to communicate with us is by his actions, he's very smart. He tends to snort/snore a lot and we get them confused. One morning, he was snoring and my mom didn't wanna wake him up for school since he was having a hard time sleeping that night. Turns out he was awake and snoring with a smile on his face thinking he wasn't going to school. My mom got him dressed and he was mad the whole day about it.
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