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Join the Tokyo Ghoul Weekend Marathon!

Hello Anime Community! ^_^

I'm planning to have a Tokyo Ghoul marathon this weekend! And @DanRodriguez, @Taijiotter and @nengrint14 will most likely be joining in.
We will start at 1PM EST on Saturday, August 8th. :)
We will be watching the first season which is 12 episodes and the series is about 25mins/episode. This gives us a good 5 hour marathon.
Here's the link to the site where I will be watching: http://gogoanime.tv/tokyo-ghoul-episode-1
I will make a another card where we can comment as we watch. I will tag everyone who is interested as well :D
This anime has been on my list for a while now, so I am super excited.
If you want to know what Tokyo Ghoul is all about, check out this card!

We are ready for this Weekend Anime Marathon! Are you?

Let us know if you are interested in joining so we can all have a little viewing party!
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REMINDER: Don't forget --- 1PM EST tomorrow, August 8th. The link to where you can watch is in this card. I will make a new card for the viewing party and tag you all in there as well. LET'S CHAT AS WE WATCH IN THE COMMENTS OF THE NEW CARD. XD @Kamiamon @AimeeH @B1A4BTS5ever @DanRodriguez @resavalencia @biancadanica98 @BonnieDomo @AkiraCondry @simplysam12 @nightshade18 @SunnyV @ashleykpop @sugajin94 @Shilolobun @ninachan and @danidee ^_^
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@poojas *breaking out my temptations voice* *I'll be there!*
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I am so in!
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@poojas is this the card we're commenting on?
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