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This is a story for the first prompt of Talent sought Talent found card by @VinMcCarthy. This story was written while listening to Man I'll Never Be by Boston.
He sat alone in the living room, staring at his wedding picture from twenty years before. The woman he married was still as beautiful as the woman smiling at him from the photo. The man looking back at him might as well be a stranger. Young and fit, a star athlete, there was nothing he couldn't do. He had a bright future ahead of him until the accident. His back injury was too much for him to ever be the man he was. He let himself go as he fell into depression. Margarita, God bless her, never gave up on him. She deserved better than he could give. He walked to their room and from the doorway watched her sleep. His decision made, he swallowed the small caplet and went to bed. The next morning he woke up feeling no different. He'd have to make a note of that for the researchers tomorrow. He was supposed to be relieved of pain but maybe it needed more time to work. He didn't see how two days was long enough. He sat up, noticing that he moved easily and surprised that the pain wasn't there. His spirit lifted as he jumped to his feet smiling with his newfound mobility. "AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Carlos get out here, there's a stranger in the house!!!" Margarita screamed as loud as she could as she reached for the bat near her side of the bed and started swinging. Carlos started to duck and dodge trying to calm her down. "Mago, Mago, it's me why are you trying to hit me!" She paused long enough to look at him and then her eyes rolled up and she fainted face first onto the bed. Meanwhile Carlos looked into the full length mirror and nearly passed out himself. The man from his wedding photo looked back at him. Mimicking his every move. Margarita came to and couldn't believe her eyes. "What did you do? Te miras...joven!! You look so young!" "I..." She jumped across the bed throwing her arms around him, both of them falling to the floor in the sweet agony of love. The next morning, Carlos decided to quietly go for a run to see how much the pill had changed him. He didn't want to wake up Margarita. He couldn't believe they didn't leave the room all day. He ran along his old route, remembering all the old landmarks and the memories they held. He remembered he was going to try parkour before the accident. He found the abandoned five story building he was gonna use and decided, why not. He ran and jumped and climbed his way to the roof and ran to the edge overlooking the neighborhood. He felt alive, invincible, all things were there for the taking. The concrete ledge he stood on broke. He reached out and grabbed the part of the ledge that was left with one hand. As he reached up with his other hand the ledge broke again. As he watched the rooftop rise above him, he could only think of her. His last thought, "I love you, Mago."
This is so saddddd!!! T_T but it's really great! I'm glad you shared it. Even though I'm sad now.
@shannonl5 sorry lol I kinda favor the tragic hero