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ALRIGHT!! Time to see who your date is! I'M EXCITED FOR YOU! Remember these guys are all Angels, so please don't change your mind. And here's the Results. DRUMROLL: If you're new, start here please: UNIQ Dating Game ❤ Part 1 http://www.vingle.net/posts/983764?shsrc=v
Door I: Kim Sung Joo ❤
Door II: Li Wen Han ❤
Door III: Wong Yi Bo ❤
Door IV: Zhou Yi Xuan ❤ Fun Fact: He's my Bias. Congrats to who got this Angel ❤
Door V: Seung Youn ❤
You're either really happy or cussing me right now, hopefully not the latter. So Tomorrow, you will choose from 5 Cars. Each car has it's own destination. BUT I want to know if you would rather choose from Exotic Sports Cars, American Muscle, or a Mix of Both. So Drop a comment Below who you got, and what you would rather choose from. It'll be a majority rules. I chose to do cars because there's nothing better than a good looking guy and a sexy car! *Vroom vroom* Stay tuned: *I don't own any of the pictures or gifs!*
@zoila205 I just put up part 3, go pick you a chariot dear
@AimeeH I got your bias Zhou Yi Xuan. The Angel. although Yibo is my bias I love Yi Xuan
I finally got the Leader Sungjoo XD I thought i never get him
Mix of both :) Sexy sexy Sung Joo at my door. Yay!
Li Wen Han, yes!
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