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im back from my grandmas house........i missed you guys ;u;.........okay okay back to the game yay!!
so lets go back to what happened *flash back*
you thanked him and gave him a big hug/kiss and you guys began to enjoy your date. (you)"ummm....babe why are we the only ones here? i remembered this place would always be packed....we eventually found a quiet spot but still its weird right?" (BTS Member) "ummm about that i rented the whole place for us" (you) " that's a lot of money why would you do that you know im okay if its packed right." (BTS Member)" ummmmmm its cause i have something to tell you"
So a lot and i mean a lot of you guys have been saying there gonna end up getting married but What really happen??? What is he gonna tell you? Will you get married?? how will your date turn out in the next card (coming out tomorrow)????
again if not enjoying the game inbox me and/or send me your ideas so in my next game or this one who knows i can make it even better.....what do you say??? i would love to hear from you <3 im open to suggestions....love you guys.......okay now so lets get down to business.......choose one..........
Scenario 1
Scenario 2
I really hope your enjoying the game...sorry for the delay though.....but im back......this is not over but we are almost at the end :( yeah im having fun doing this hope your have fun playing it :) ........remember to comment the one what you want
oh and thank you for being really understanding about the delay i had.....I LOVE YOU MY VINGLE FAMILY <3 :)
Part 6:
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