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I know its old news and its been clarify why Luhan left, but I just felt like doing this since I've been getting into Exo, a lot. Sooo here is three different reasons why I think he left XD hehe (hopefully no one gets offended -.- );
1)He wanted to premier in Infinite's video..... (very classic may i add, i mean who wouldnt want to be in it?- also Luhan is a shapeshifter! o.o )
2) He wanted to do what he always dreamed of; cross-dress and join a girl band XD (omg *in sam smith's voice* i know im not the only one [that thinks jimin looks like luhan])
3) Lastly, Luhan is preggoooo. (dont get logical science involve in this, just let it be XD) Yup....thats allllll i could think of >.<
cr to the owners ^-^
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omfg i spat my coffee all over my phone when i read this HAHAHA NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING
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