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Ok, I don't like laughing at the misfortunes of others, but this was kind of funny (but only because everyone was ok!)
There are times when you shouldn't have your first date while hiking.
For example:
If you aren't familiar with the trail. If you aren't familiar with hiking a lot. If you don't have water or food with you. If you don't know if your date likes hiking. The list goes on!!!
Why am I even thinking about this?
Because I just read this story about a couple who got so distracted talking while hiking that they lost their way and called for help (they did have a map and cell phone but still couldn't their way). Because there was rescue training happening in the area, they decided to airlift them out as further practice. Crazy, right?
Thankfully, I think they'll get to a second date. The girl reportedly said: "Everyone's had good dates but for me this was crazy because I love adventure stuff like that, and I never thought I would have been in a helicopter." Guess she had a good time after all? Though she seems to really like that rescue guy...
Anyways, don't just go hiking without being prepared! They were smart to have cell phones and lucky they worked!
If you're going to go on an adventure date, make sure you're both prepared for it. Otherwise, save it for later on!
LOL is he sure she doens't have a thing for that cute rescue guy now?????
@ChristinaBryce idk if he can be sure haha @nicolejb That's awesome! Props to him for being adventurous about it
I went on a hiking first date once! haha luckily he knew the trail well and we didn’t get lost...I would recommend it for couples that know their route :)