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@neaa yup, totally agree! DOK MI IS AWESOME! Can't wait for 3rd episode.....I don't think I've been so obsessed with the drama for months!!! I even dropped IMY and School because it just wasn't getting to me. But FBND? LOVE LOVE!!!
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IMY????? i'm hooked to school.. and as much to FbND.. i started bcoz of shin hye.. but yoon shi yoon is so adorable and funny.. few more hours for it to be subbed
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IMY = I Miss You. School feels like every single Japanese drama I've seen before....Omg, Yoon Shi Yoon is the most adorable thing that ever lived. I didn't know I could go crazy for an adorable guy like that...I thought my type was bad boys? LOL. Where are you watching it? I'm relying on Dramafever subs so I guess it won't be out until tomorrow for me :(
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