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Marks Garden, of Sherman Oaks, has done it again!
I am in love with the level of beauty that is captured in these tablescapes. I talk a lot about avoiding a reception that looks over-produced, and to keep things classy and simple. But that doesn't mean I don't adore this type of elegance.
What is most intriguing to me about the design is the use of two towering floral arrangements, at different heights. In the design world, it's ingrained in us to decorate in threes. As an enthusiast, this is the first thing that caught my attention, yet in a good way.
The other thing that I am going a bit crazy over are the spray roses. So often florists adorn tables with large and bulbous roses that it's become the norm. By using bunches of spray roses, however, the look becomes grand in sense of scale without looking pretentious. And that's because instead of using 100 regular sized roses, that could easily weigh down the look, the tiny spray roses command just enough attention without stealing the show.
The linens are gold with antique lace. There's just enough gold on the table to elevate the richness of the event without looking "rented." That's nomenclature for when the item you rented (which is 95% or more) actually looks rented. It could be something of poor quality or something that is trying too hard to look expensive that it starts to look cheap.
You can avoid having your wedding looking "rented" by keeping things elegant. You achieve elegance when the elements of style are in perspective and you have an amazing team of professionals working behind the scenes! (Thanks to @NixonWoman for our conversation about this earlier) For more ideas about your wedding, be sure to click here to follow my collection.