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I was hanging out with my friend earlier today and and before we met up she said she got me a cake. Naturally, I was all excited because, well, it's cake. When I got the the spit we were going to meet up she was already there and I saw the cake. Turns out this was the cake she was talking about.
From a very far distance it looked like an actual cake. I was thinking about it just now and I was reminded of this picture I saw on Pinterest
My reaction exactly. I wonder if idols really do get dissapointed by those fake cakes fans give them. I mean, they're always beautiful but ...you can't eat it...
@BluBear07 I don't know. Maybe they give fake ones because they want their idols to keep them forever or something like that?
@JustinaNguyen are they not allowed to send real ones?
@BluBear07 I thought so too but then I saw this and I watched real 2pm my house (Jun K version) and he had cakes that fans gave him from a long time ago and they were still in good shape
Wait fans give them fake cakes!!? I always thought they were real! 😐😕😦