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I woke up today feeling especially exhausted from studying for my final. I think i was so close to looking like this Seungri gif. Im pretty sure i scared myself stupid with the idea i was going to fail my final.
^ My expression as of now. I made a 95 on my final and is the final grade overall. I'm stoked, but my face in incapable of showing any emotion. Dang you sleep. I needed you and now you left me bitter.
So, I will let these gifs explain my happiness. Yay.
NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Im hopping on the train to NOPEville for at least 2 weeks before College starts back. Sorry Kai, you have to wait!
^ He's my spirit Animal as we speak. I plan on sleeping a while, when I can actually fall asleep.
@kpopandkimchi yes. it is most Def time to hybernate.
omg hhahahah i FEEL you when it comes to finals. Time to HYBERNATE.