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Here are some idols that I think really look similar, so much that they may as well be related xD
Jang Wooyoung + Park Yoo Hwan = Bang Yong Guk Yongguk seems to be a perfect combination of Wooyoung and Yoohwan <3
JB (Im Jae Bum) + Suga (Min Yoon Gi) At first they might not really look alike, but the more you see their faces and their actions/personality you'll catch some glimpses that show a strong resemblance!
Mino (Song Min Ho) + GD (Kwon Ji Yong) This is a no-brainer, Mino is known for having similar looks to GD and Taeyang, but I think GD's a closer match. Although I do love the idea of Taeyang being the dad, GD the mom, and Mino as their child xD <3
And now for a random pick: Kim Hyun Joong + Bae Yong Joon This was really odd to me, they really really look alike and i'm honestly surprised they're not related. But what's even weirder is that they are very well acquainted :s If anyone can pitch in with any info about these two please share, lol
What do you guys think of these? Share your thoughts, and let us know who else you've noticed to have an idol twin :D There are SO many out there and it would be interesting to see which ones stand out to others.
@beckiboop1996 awesome! I never thought of it, but I can see it now :D
Vixx Ravi and B1A4 Baro
@jannatd93 That was honestly the first reason why I liked Seo In Guk HAHAHAH
@kpopandkimchi True!! It's impossible to tell them apart xD
@B1A4BTS5ever :o good one!!
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