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so I thought I'd try this out too so... here it goes! my name is Danna and I'm from Cali ~ my biases are between Sunggyu & Junhyung so my snapchat, instagram, tumblr, & facebook page is kimleekwonshin (hehe. I'm an admin) or just message me here~ nice to meet you all! i hope to make new friends! ^^ don't be afraid to talk to me! I don't bite (:
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@jaywoveu hi nice to meet you! I love all the groups you said. I'm 17 too!
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@heidichiesa I'm working on getting to know them I just haven't had time :/ school and everything thing
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aww haha jin steals everybody's heart lol in fact each one of them of do but aww thats cute haha @heidichiesa
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hey I'm karlee and I'm from Kansas and my favorite groups are Big Bang, 2ne1, BTS, Shinee, Got7, Girls Generation, EXO, Teen Top, f(x), etc. My Facebook is Karlee Ward and my snapchat is karlee.bvb
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@KarleeWard hi! how are you biases in those groups? nice to meet you!
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