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Kdrop MV Reaction- Big Bang "Let's not fall in love"
Sooooooo Me and @Kutiekiki did a thing! Enjoy us freaking out to Big Bangs MV let's not fall in love!
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he's also my bias ^^ lol I just adore him. and yeah that could be idk personally I was just really disappointed about that small detail. but the songs were great c: @vixenvivi
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First off! You two are freaking adorable. Second off! GD. Nuff said. That look. It was like it wasn't even a video and he was looking straight into my soul. >w<
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Love this reaction video. So adorable!
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@reddviolet thank you! And I know right?? @poojas thanks for watching!!
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I wish I could dance in the rain, have someone look at me the way GD did, have someone hug me from behind, play around with me, and feed each other ;-;
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