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Amber visits Shinee at fansigning - V
It was mostly being filmed by Amber but she stopped by to visit shinee at their fansigning event and asked them some questions from international fans on V. I'm just gonna put some of my best screenshots from other broadcasts below..
Let's just take a moment to appreciate..
Taemin what are you doing
sorry it's sideways but damn..
that happened πŸ˜‚
this is when minho was yelling "annyeonghaseyo key imnida!!" In a really high pitched voice
key's aegyo apparently. he looks terrified..
fashionista key was giving a tour of shinee's wardrobe and picking out our outfits! I'm not sure this one will work key sorry
I'm not even sure what was going on here.. On that note I'm gonna end this random ass card with a V derp from one of their broadcasts:
breaking news I suck at technology and that's sideways too. TURN YOUR HEAD BITCH.
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