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Watch us be even bigger idiots with "Zutter" by GD & T.O.P! it was so fun to watch guys >.< Made with me and @KutieKiKi
@chellax2112x glad I'm not the only one XD thanks for watching! @reddviolet again, thank you! I'm STILL not freaking over those pee scenes!!! @chandnip804 they sure have been its great! I'm sad this is the last of they're mv's though 馃槱馃槶
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"GD's penis is a hose apparently." Exactly what I thought, fam! Lmbo!!
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"I wanna be in a freezer with them..." Lol 馃槀馃槀 this was great! Great reaction vid you guys!
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Lmao "Idk were not'd be hard anyway" Diedddd. You guys are so cute!
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