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Ya!! Its them Snapdragon and Mediatek both these Android based processor brands are 50-50% Market sharer in 2015. Many people think that snapdragon is much over Mediatek but it is not true. Big brands like Sony, Samsung, HTC earlier used only snapdragon but now they are using Mediatek products in their mid range handsets for Mediatek this is an achievement. If you compare their prices Mediatek costs less than snapdragon. But Snapdragon promises quality but there is heating problem that was last seen in Xiaomi Mi4. The temperatures ranged around 54°C mark which was hot enough to hold in hands. On the other hand Mediatek doesn't have that heating problem. I am not saying that snapdragon is not good i am saying on my observations of both same specs processors. Both the are nice but if you dont want heating go for Mediatek. Best of luck!!!