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Here's a twist on centuries-old comfort food: coq au vin that has been deep fried. You see that picture? You're looking at culinary excellence from the kitchen of Paula LeDuc Fine Catering in California.
So what exactly is coq au vin, anyway? @allischaaff (and others, I'm sure) know all too well what it is. Unfortunatly, I've never had the pleasure of tasting, but from what I learned through Google, it's rooster--all parts--that has been marinating in Burgundy wine for hours, then braised with salted sticks of pork, shallots and mushrooms. It's basically all manner of heaven served in a shallow bowl.
Turning this French recipe on its head, Paula LeDuc created this, though it's been deep fried. In particular, this photo was taken from a wedding! Proof, that you can serve fried foods at a wedding with panache! So, skip the pizza wedges and fried pop corn shrimp and veer more in this direction. Served in paper cones, the deep fried rooster meat was also cooked in powdered sage butter and tarragon.
I am so writing a letter to these people in hopes that I can be a taste-tester! Please!