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KCON was a blast!!! everything Kpop all 3 days & nights <3 Super Junior is my favorite group so they are a good 79% of the reason I had to go to KCON this year!
I had GREAT timing & when my flight landed in LA Friday, SJs flight came like an hour later so I was there to greet them at the airport!! it was crazy seeing them SO close up!! ^_^ they are all so handsome! Me & couple Donghae bias I was standing next to got a wave from Leeteuk & Donghae said hi to us with this huge beautiful smile <3 then later while they were outside, I noticed Yesung kept looking at me or at least in my direction! (i was standing on top of a luggage cart thingy so i could actually see over people) I think he laughed at me cuz I almost fell off a couple times & I got embarrassed. lol. I also got a video of Got7 walked right past my area at the airport. they were sooo close to me! Also have a video of AOA walking past me at the airport when I was leaving LA.
I met sooo many amazing people!!! So many fellow fans and we all had a fantastic time! Was in the group projects USA ELF did for Super Junior & Eunhyuk even posted the D&E group picture we all took on his instagram!! The only fan engagement I went to was Eric Nam's. omg he is hilarious and has such an amazing voice. Was so entertained the whole time & I got high touch afterward. He's so cool really. There were so many amazing people at KCON and I even got a picture with the Kpop YouTuber JRE at the Soompi booth! I seriously loved meeting all the fellow fans at KCON though <3
there was sooo much going on all the time too! So many giveaways & free stuff to get at all the booths!! I even got a t shirt from the Naver V App booth as well as many other things!! it was awesome. Some of the artists like Got7, Roy Kim, Eric Nam & others were around the Version & Toyota booth and also on the stage in the middle of all the booths & tables!
The 2 concerts....omg they were just amazing!! I sat in p5 the 1st concert then a fellow fan I met at KCON had an extra p2 seating for the 2nd concert so I got 2 different views for the 2 nights (p2 was of course wayyy more awesome than p5) The only group I knew well was SuJu. I knew & really like Got7's Just Right, but I didn't know any other songs by them. I knew Shinwha's Sniper & Red Velvet's Happiness but I really didn't know much about any of the other artists or songs, but it didn't matter!! I thought all the groups did an amazing job!! Of course I went super fangirl when SJ was on the stage & sang/screamed the lyrics to all the songs they sang, and also dances lol. Got7, Block B, & Shinhwa I thought were also FANTASTIC though. I have now downloaded and have been listening to the songs these 3 groups performed cuz I really liked the songs & their performances! I seriously enjoyed all the groups though!! Also the dance battle with got7 & Monsta X was awesome as well as the duets like with Roy Kim & a Sistar member, Zion T & a Red Velvet member? and a couple others too. DONT FORGET ABOUT THE OPENING ACTS BEFORE THE CONCERT EVEN STARTED! those were seriously all amazing and entertaining too <3
Anyways KCON LA 2015 was just an amazing experience overall!! So worth it and will for sure go next year <3 There's nothing Kpop related at all what so ever anywhere near where I live so going to KCON was a bunch of 1sts for me and it was just so so so amazing~ I really do recommend going especially if there is a group you like that will be there! ^^ This was all just a brief over view of my time at KCON! I will probably make some other posts about it and post some of my videos as well! ^_^
@RobertMarsh Let me check my phone book I'm sure its in there somewhere lol
@katiems @RobertMarsh It seems like a lot of Kpop stuff is happening in Texas and Chicago now! It's still far from Kentucky but a lot closer than Seoul ;)
I know I'll be looking for stuff like this in Kentucky after I get home
OMG IT LOOKED SO FUUUUUN. I wish they had this when I lived closer to LA, we had the Korean Music Festival (where I saw SHINee WHATWHAAAAT) but it was NOTHING as awesome as this! Thanks for all the updates, I'm living vicariously through all these posts LOL
@kpopandkimchi, @katiems I don't suppose either of y'all have JYP's personal number? let's call him and get this going in our areas...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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