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Every year, I feel like summer gets hotter and hotter. The truth of the matter is, it doesn't really matter. What matters, is that I am schvitzing in a suit, sitting in the sun, waiting for the wedding to be over so I can get some cool air and relief!
Don't be that bride (or wedding host) that insists on having a sun-drenched wedding event without taking into consideration the climate and the comfort level of your guests. PLEASE, I BEG YOU! Right now, a pile of you are reading thinking, he can't be for real. Sadly, when you've been to as many weddings as I have, you've pretty much seen everything. And long Catholic weddings in the scorching sun is tough to stomach!
If you ever want to get some GOOD IDEAS on how to host a wedding, spend time visiting California wineries. There's a million of them! You can pick up some great tips and tricks by seeing and duplicating what they do when it's 102 degrees outside and 76 people are coming in and out for a taste of this years vintage.
For instance, you could have paper parasols at the ready for guests to shield themselves from the sun. They don't have to be colored. You can get all white. Another fun option is to have cool ice towelettes, infused with herbs, ready for your guests. The cool damp and gently scented gesture will go for miles! That's the stuff social media images are made of. No one wants to take a selfie with beads of sweat on their brow.
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