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No matter what day it is, it always seems to be Wine Wednesday. I just polished my last bottle of Riesling. I need to buy more.
Did you know that if you buy your wine by the case, that you can save up to 30% per bottle?
@Danidee I am not as funny as you. And this isn't really meant to be funny. But I wanted to share it because it was a fun info graphic. I don't normally share those on Vingle.
yeah, different groups of people and relatives @marshalledgar
FOUR?!?! Wow! That is some serious partying. Be blessed!
its my sisters big 30th birthday, and we have like 4 parties for her haha.
@rodiziketan you party a lot in Slovenia. haha have lots of fun
haha, I haven't slept tonight at all, because I was partying last night and today we are busy in my house, because of the tomorows party.
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