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i think this has been one of the worse days of my life....
so if you remembered the card that i made about how happy i was about talking to the guy i was interested in, i was happy in the moment....
but today, i went and we talked and when i finally got the courage to ask him if he was single....
BOOM, dude has a girlfriend for 9 years now... i felt like an idiot, i was so embarrass, like a cute guy like him would ever like a girl like me!!!!
i know i shouldn't get worked up about it since i don't really know the dude... but he was the first guy that i ever had the courage to actually put myself out there and talk to, so i guess in that perspective its okay to be sad...
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@CandaceJordan thank you for the words of encouragement!!!! i am just like you with admiring from afar, and hoping he would make a move, and always thinking the worst about myself. i hope that you find happiness one day as well!!!!
Well first off HOLY CRAP YOU'RE BRAVE FOR ASKING and second of all it has nothing to do with if you're cute enough for him to like you or whatever...he's got a girlfriend! Whatever! and really @CandaceJordan said it all :)
@kpopandkimchi you're right....after a long night of not being able to sleep because the whole thing was on repeat in my head, i feel fresh and new...
@SHINee808 I'll other halfs will show up the right time and be beyond epic. So let's have as much fun in the meantime and make the single life awesome. lol
@CandsceJordan, agreed!! when the time comes it will happen, for now im going to enjoy life, but i must say "my man" better get used to kpop and watching