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Hey everyone! I finally got enough courage to post this video! I had a hard time because it is so provocative and some of the dance moves are not easy to pull off. I prefer constructive criticism because it helps me become better but please don't be rude! I hope you enjoy.
@RobertMarsh Thank you so much! I'll try my best to pay attention to the things you mentioned! @kpopandkimchi Thank you so much! I worked really hard. As for the outfit, I went through so many haha!
@DaJuanyaBurton, you're welcome... you really were very good
I always thought this choreography was so mesmerizing and you did an amazing job!!! You even got the outfit down omg
really not bad at all.. you can tell that you really paid attention to Gain's moves and you showed great courage posting this... constructive criticism: fluidity, and lines... your movements sometimes seemed like they didn't flow and were a little choppy and the lines looked like you just need a little more practice... you would start at position "A" and end at "D" but you would sometimes miss "B" & "C" in between. overall, good job... keep practicing, keep dancing, and keep posting