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They are so cute. I love how awkward they are at first and then slowly ease into the romantic thing. Especially GD he was so nervous, but in the MV we can tell he got rid of those nerves xD
OMG the Zutter MV was AWESOME, and it looked like GD and T.O.P had alot of fun shooting it in the BTS. T.O.P's dance is so hilarious I could watch it a million times over and, lucky us, we even get this special dance practice video xD.....
This dance was so silly and looks super fun to do, it makes me want to learn it so bad, even though I don't think I could pull off that sexy lol xD. I hope you enjoyed the videos, if there are English subbed versions the minute I find them I will put them on here~♡ *I do not own these beautiful videos*