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in just 2 more days I will be on a plane to NYC! then in 3 days I will get to see Girls generation, Vixx, AOA, and Teen top!!!! and so many other featured people like nutty nomads and the founders of Glow recipe!!!! so excited
Vixx- eternity
teen top- I'm sorry
Girls Generation- catch me if you can
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i would have loved to go see bts in ny too but i live in GA. @b2stang88
do you have to pay to get in or tickets
I wish i can go but i have camp in 2 days for a week :( For the people whose going to Kcon, goodluck and post pics on vingle
@ninachan pretty much you're paying for the concert part. not the convention but island if you can just have a convention ticket. that's too bad you can't come. maybe next time
@heidichiesa there's always next year