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Who actually have time to shower after P.E. in between classes? I've had classes that can take as long as 10 minutes to walk from one destination to the next. Most of the time I barely make it on time. There are a few things I learned from rushing out of the school's gym fitting.
1. Reach for a non-scented hand sanitizer when you forget to put on deodorant.
I don't know how many times I missed place my deodorant. when that happens I get a hold of a fragrance-free hand sanitizer and rub a dollop onto each armpit. Then let it air dry. I learned this genius trick from a friend. She said, body odor is caused by bacteria, so if you rub alcohol on it it will kill bacteria and evaporate sweat. Cool trick! And my school have hand sanitizer available in every locker room, so not sweat if I run out of deodorant.
2. It's not a bad idea to refresh your skin after working out.
You should not wear makeup when you're working out but if you have it on, wipe it off with facial towelettes. This can prevent clogged pores and future breakouts. Your skin will appreciate it.
3. Dry shampoo is a gym locker staple.
Again, I sweat a lot. It's not my choice but nature's, so I have to deal with it. My hair is already flat and fine. So, imagine how it looks with extra grease. Dry shampoo is a life saver! Have it handy in your gym locker.
4. Oil-absorbing sheets is t-zone's best friend.
The problem with combination and oily skin is t-zone. Greasy forehead and nose feels uncomfortable and doesn't look all that great. Clean & Clear's oil-absorbing sheets has been there for me. I can't go to gym without it!
5. Apply lip balm to complete a radiant complexion.
Have you ever notice your skin looks better after working out? The rush of blood and circulation make your skin glows. So, don't cover it up with makeup and let it shine. Apply a tinted lip balm for a natural finish.
6. Hide any unruly hair with braids.
This is the easiest tip ever and it doesn't cost a dime to look good.
Have you try any these? What's your locker room secret?
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My locker room secret is face mist!