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So i saw this on vingle and i saw the chart, and looks like lot of fun. i decided i going to make one, and then it hit me. Why not make one story out of it. I started 2 days ago. I haven't finish yet, it turns out out it was pretty long so I'm going to post it separately. Heres part 1 this story is going to be fake. with made up people.
This is me in real life and some are anime. I don't were lip stick, this is just my chapstick. the camera makes it red. here's gone nothing. I hope u like my story. XD
Hi my name is Madinah but you can call me nina. I moved from long island NY, to Albany. Now I'm living with my older brother. who is 17 years old. I'm in the 9th grade going to high school. I go to Open Heart Academy. A School for talented kids. My talent is drawing, playing paino, and also writings skills. Its my first day at school. Here I am standing in front of school. wearing a cute uniform. As i walk in,people started to stare at me. I hate when people stare at me. I have a phobia of that. But a girl appear out if nowhere. Hi, my name is lizzy what's yours? Madinah but you can call me nina.Why not call u madinah. Its complicated. Oh ok. Let me introduced you to my friends. Hey guys! Hey liz, whos that. this is nina. Hi nina. Nina this is ......... I cut lizzy off. Your Rome! and Sunny,Tao and also Zelo So you heard of us. Duh, you guys are kpop idols. Rome smirk, thanks cutie. I blushed. Stop messing with her. Sunny hit Rome with her notebook. anyway, so what's your classroom did you get?! said lizzy. I don't know yet. huh? you don't know what classroom your in? Let me help you with that. Lizzy pulled my arm. wait where are we going? to get your schedule duh. After i got my schedule, the bell rang and Lizzy ditch me. I look at my schedule and read the number of my classroom B21 the second floor. I walk in the hallway, there i was stand ing in front of the door of my classroom. as I was about to open it. Ene open the door. Why are you standing there move. She pushes me away. And wonders around the hallway.
as I walk in there i saw Suga being annoyed by V, and Jungkook was counting pencils. Then I saw Sungyu Leader arguing with the leader Jaekyung from rainbow. about who is the best leader. and guess who was also there,Teayeon,my favorite singer. I wonder what are they all doing here, even Rome,Sunny,Zelo, and Tao. Yo! ahhh! Rap Monster scared me. Why is a fan in here. This is my classroom. No way it can't be. RapMonster took the paper out my hand. B21, well welcome to the class. Miharu came in the classroom looking mad. Move blondie! and pushes RapMonster. Gosh,what's his problem. Wait,come back! Ene Came in too running after Miharu. Then suddenly I hear music. Attack on titans song. Then came Eren and Levi posing for their interest. The class looked confused. Why also are they here? The second bell rang and it was time to take our seats. Hey new girl. huh? It was Taeyeon. Come sit next to me. oh ,ok I sat next to Taeyeon and i notice she as looking at me. So what's your name. Nina, I'm a big fan of your singing. She laughed. thanks. Boy i wonder who's going to be our teacher since our last teacher caught on fire and jumped out the window. ummm ok. Boom! smoke came out of nowhere. Hello class. Kakashi Sense? we all replied. Your our teacher? said Sungyu. The fuck you doing here said suga? What do you think I'm doing here. I'm here to help you learn. I'll be teaching you History..Now lets do attendance.
Ene! here! Eren! here! Jaeyoung! here! Jungkook! I like Jimin! Levi! It's caption Levi Madin....... Kakaish pause for moment. wait, your not even famous. every body turn and looked at me. I look away. To many stares. I replied back. why am I'm here? Well I don't know. This school never made. a mistake before. Well maybe it has something to do with my mom. Huh? the whole class look confused as ever. Kakaish Sensa look in to his desk. ha! and found files of the class. He look through mine. I see, your mom use to be a famous rapper. The class looked surprise. Your mom is a famous rapper. wow, said Taeyeon. I wish my mom was a rapper. said RapMonster. What's her stage name said Ene. Glamorous! Oh that's glamie. Kakashi Sensa. yes, what is it. Why are these idols doing here. It's because they need to learned The American History,Math and english and more about what America learn. now lets continue the attendance. Miharu! here RapMonster! sup! Suga! what up kashi Sungyu! oww! Jaeyoung bit me! Taeyeon! here! and V! I'm a alien yes we know V. On to our studies. So who can tell me what happen to the war of 1812. Blah Blah Blah. After 60 minutes in class it was time to go to our arts skills. be continue XD @VixenViVi @PaigeBennish @poojas @SashaLove @Rhia @SaraHanna @StarBabes @RochelleDiamond
I really like the story~ and you are very pretty!
OMG...Eren sitting next to Jungkook.....LOOOOOOOOOL
@VixenViVi thank you XD
You are super cute!
@VixenViVi I'll do that now
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