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I watched B1A4 live and Baro read my comment!! If you rewatch the video, around -3:03 he says" LOS ANGELES!L.A!!!" I tried to screenshot as fast as I could but I was a bit slow since I pressed the wrong buttons, (and for once it's a good thing I lagged) but I just had to scroll a bit up before my comment disappeared into the many other comments. He probably just recognized "l.a" but it feels great! I will mark this day!
Disclaimer-- I do not own any of the content. All credits go to Naver. This is just to share with fellow kpoppers.
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CUUUUUTE B1A4 is one of those groups that I seriously CANT pick a bias for so I'd be happy if any of them said my name hahaha congraaats~~~
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That's so exciting!!! I was commenting like crazy on it too. xD
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Thank you guys! 馃榾
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I was watching Lee Hongki's love a few weeks ago and I was the only US fan there at first so when I put Hi from the US he was all Hi USA. I know the feels
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