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Shout out to all the "Ugly" KPop Idols!

I've been looking for a way to spread the love for the so-called "ugly" Kpop idols. The first ones who come to mind for me are Daesung and Park Bom. I want to find a way to show they are loved even if others joke about how "unattractive" they are.
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I don't see it! I wish people (netizens and haters especially!!) would see them for their talent and the kind of people they are. I'm still pretty new to the Kpop community, but I can't stand any kind of negativity towards people when I know they are working their butts off honing their craft.
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These two songs is only a small part of what I want to tell all of these idols as well as anyone who's ever felt ugly. They're already working their butts off trying to give their fans the best performance they possibly can. I hope I can lighten up someone's day even if it's just by a little. This may be just me being an "ignorant American," but I wish they would concentrate their beauty standards more on the person's character and talent rather than their looks.
... what are your thoughts?