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Lol! So true! A couple of years ago my son was given a package of stretchy rubber wristbands at a birthday party. There was 5 or 6 in the package, I think. Well, one of them said VIP on it. Man, oh MAN! I snatched that thing out of there soooo fast!!! (He was only 4. He couldn't care less.) My husband was laughing at me so much! He calls it my "Fangirl Bracelet". My son even calls it that now and will go out of his way to tell people, "that bracelet does NOT mean she's important... she just REALLLLLY loves Big Bang!" You should see the looks he causes me to get. I have met a couple of random kpop fans that way, though. Smh. Gotta love 'em!!
I want to become a V.I.P. 😔😔😔
Haha thats funnh but thats true 4 ur old could care less @ButterflyBlu