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I didn't want to post a card with no pictures even though I'm just asking a simple question. These are a random array of my favorite idols. Can you name them all?? No, jk jk, that's not the question. That's way too easy. I want to know if there are any fanboys out there! Even though my cards usually say fangirl, I'm actually a fanboy, not a girl. I know I'm not alone, but in definitely the minority. 馃榿
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@GregoryDuke is a fanboy. I love fanboys! Glad to have you! <3
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always glad to see a fanboy! (I'm not a boy xD)
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@MattK95 is a fanman....kinda like a fanboy except classier XD @RobertMarsh is one too :)
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I don't know I quite fit the definition... I just love nearly all things Korean
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Thats what I always wonder! WHERE THE FAN BOYS AT?!
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