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$110 Amazon: 3.5 / 5 REI: 3 / 5 *This is the essence of modern minimalism in a nutshell: extremely light and flexible with low-to-the-ground construction. Consumer Reviews: -The next three days I lived in these minimalist shoes and loved it! I wore them around camp and on two additional day-hikes. I didn't have any trouble with support- although the trails weren't anything more than moderate at best. The only thing that was of minor concern was the flexibility of the sole provided little support when stepping on sharp objects in the arch of my foot. It only took a few sharp root projections or stones before I started avoiding these "sharper" surfaces with the arch- instead either stepping clear of the object, or using the ball of my foot to engage the root or other object. -I used these for a single season, I bought them right when they came out. I did a bit of light running (<10mi/week), but mostly walking with my dog. There are now holes all along the front of each shoe. It started out as little holes on the 'corners' of the creases that form when your toes bend, but quickly progressed to tears along the crease. Pros: Exceptionally light, sold in wide sizes (8EEEE) and are extremely comfortably. Many pros of barefoot running. Cons: Very expensive, but at least they're fragile. I think I'll go straight up barefoot next year unless NB can solve the durability problem. -My favorite minimal running shoe yet. Zero drop heel, and no padding, no arch support. Only the Vibram sole between you and the ground. -More barefoot than the MT20s. Super light. They look great, too. Not like most of the barefoot running shoes. The only drawback is the tongue is a little flimsy, so when you slip on the shoes, the tongue folds in on you. You have to put them on carefully and flatten out the tongue. It took a few extra minutes to get them to feel comfortable. Additionally, I put them on barefoot but they felt extremely uncomfortable (the MT20s felt great barefoot). It's because of these two things I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Regarding size, you should order a half size smaller than your usual size if you plan to run barefoot or wear thin running socks. If you tend to wear thick socks when you run, order your normal size. -Unfortunately, there is a drawback to this weight savings- the holes that were carved out leave your foot susceptible to small sharp objects poking your mostly unprotected sole. Normally this would be serious deal breaker because it eliminates this shoe as an option for technical trail running. That’s okay. New Balance still produces the MT10 (and MT20, an updated version of the original MT10) which has a heartier (though heavier) sole for situations where more protection is needed. If you’re planning on running REALLY technical trails, take a look at the MT110. -I've worn these MT00 for 2 months. I’ve ran miles and miles, and particpated in 3 races mixing road and soft trail. These shoes are really poor for road running. On road, I find them extremely uncomfortable. I like them only on cool trail surfaces. On hard trails with rocks, it can become horrible : rocks can hurt you in the arch and then you run totally disappointed, looking at every centimers to avoid even little rocks… Not a good point => the outsole should have better protection. For the minimal point of view, I would say they are great, but overall a very good shoes for soft trail running.