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When you take a bunch of screen shots of them. (Using dae because ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡)
Your friends start shipping you with them and coming up with a ship name.
You make a bunch of edits with them, stupid pictures, and realize they have too much influence in your life.
Your friends start finding your bias in just about everything.
When you're number one (or in the top 5) of their section on vingle..
...... I think I've got a problem LOL
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@sarahwise Rainy Rainy, Look at me now Gwisun. It's mostly in japanese cause he's HUGE in japan c:
@jaywoveu @majesticx Thank you for letting me know ^^ I shall now go listen to those songs.
@SarahWise You're welcome :3
Hello majestix... This is a safe circle and no one judges here! Says the wild haired counselor with a BigBang notebook and pencils and shoes and shirt and GDragon Pants and shoes!!! So come... We are all FANATIX here! Pay no mind to the wallpaper its just 3D FATHEADS OF BOYS!!! Ha ha ha !!! Lol !!!! Im currently trying to get fatheads made for the babys room!
I DO NOT OBSESS! Let me find a picture of a family member... Scrolling through gallery... 😙😙😙😙 Still scrolling 397 pix later... I FOUND !!! Oh no wait! Maybe if i go to the next album of 689 pix S C R O L L I N G!!!! BUT IM NOT OBSESSED!!! Ha ha ha !!! LOL!!! Uh uh IM SO FAR GONE T O P SHOULD SEND ME SOME CHOCOLATES!!! In a beautiful wodden chest!! Yup! Into antique furniture!!! Yeah IM GONE!!!