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☆ I will continue to search for the door of dreams ☆
Photos by the ever so lovely Yenra Photography
I FINALLY got to be my main bird girl Kotori at Otakon! Yume no Tobira is one of my most favorite μ’s song too, so I really lucked out with my friends wanting to do this.
Nico: Jenni Bon (@starberry)
Honoka: Dejavudea
Hanayo: Stickehbun
The dress is made of bridal satin, fully lined with boning, and *mostly* serged. The bodice was created from altering my corset pattern from Ariel, and the skirt is two layers of two inch box pleats. The bodice ruffles are a four inch long layer of two inch box pleats with a two inch long layer of two inch box pleats on top. It closes with an invisible zipper in the center back.
I hand dyed the chiffon, lace for the skirt, and choker neck piece. The chiffon fabric is a pre-dyed blue-light red, and I dyed over the red with pink polyester dye. The choker fabric and lace didn't take the first dye bath because I mistakenly purchased normal blue dye, and had to re-dye it with poly dye. As you can see, the blues don't quite match up perfectly.
Once the dress was completely finished I wore it and draped the chiffon around me after I failed miserably trying to paper pattern it. The ends are all serged and it simply ties in the front, no hooks or clasps are holding it up. I plan on making a new one in the future.
The gloves were from my Sailor Snow that I frankensteined last minute into Kotori gloves because my DiscountDance order was cancelled.
Jenni (@starberry) made all of the flower crowns for our group, it's just flowers hot glued onto the green bendy stuff florists use with some rhinestones added.
The hair puffs are from a pastel puff pack at Jo Ann's that I just sewed together and onto a bobby pin, I also made Jenni's.
Whew! The costume took a pretty long time to make in a very short period of time, but I'm happy with how it turned out. The wig really confused me when putting it on, and I want to fix the bangs. I'm not quite sure that I like my eyebrows showing? It looked really good on another person but I'm not sure about myself lol.
More photos to be added soon!
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This costume looks really amazing! How long did the dyeing process take?