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$110 Amazon: 3.2 / 5 REI: 3.5 / 5 Consumer Reviews: -I want to like these shoes. Light, look good, decent support, feel great overall. After 20 light miles they are showing significant wear. There's numerous reviews online of the bottom sole wearing all the way through in under 50 miles. Save yourself the time and money and skip these ones. There's no way these are going to make 150 miles. My last pair of trail shoes made it more than 700. I was hoping for 300 in these. -Unfortunately only about 4 months later (after spending $100 on them) they are worn down enough that I cant really use them anymore. -While the Hayasa was designed to be an able trail racer, there is adequate protection and support allowing this shoe to work as an everyday trainer for a good portion of trail runners. -I picked up a pair of these last week after trying on many different pairs of shoes. Fitting of their name, the tread is great on single track, but I feel it is lacking for any mud or loose terrain. I’ve had no issues with the snake plate and I’ve been impressed with how well it has protected; though my feet did become tired after a 28 mile weekend on the Appalachian Trail.I find the toe box comfortable. In the forefoot I find that the fit is similar to the MT101, though the toebox is less volumous. Overall a nice shoe for single track. For the comfort and lightness I imagine I’ll be gravitating to this shoe as my everyday trainer. However, for any long mountain runs I’ll need to find something else.