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I wasn't going to write about this but I wanted to hear some thoughts about this issue:

Why do some men judge women with short hair?

Femininity is not define by what we wear or how we do our hair. Fashion is art and art should not rate how beautiful we are as a person. Men can have short or long hair and still get compliment like "It's so hot!" But a woman can go from very attractive with long hair to less attractive with short hair.
ELLE's editor, Johanna Cox, shared a personal story about how short hairstyles can affect love life. She wrote...

It's a painful truth that hairstyle may put the man off.

My question: Why?
Ugh that is so sad! I think women who can pull off short hair are insanely attractive! Emma Watson, Kate Mara and Rihanna are just a few examples of women who look incredibly hot with short hair. It definitely doesn't make you any less of a woman!!
I can't help but feel as if this were biased. I could write something similar but inverse genders about piercings or dyed hair etc. In reality, everybody's tastes are different and you can't pull the gender-sympathy or male shame card because your boyfriend (who had mentioned before he didn't like short hair) wasn't attracted to you. The same rules apply to both sexes, there are shallow people out there if you are with one then I am sorry but do not attempt to shame or stereotype.
Shame is all I can say, but can you blame the guy?, should he admit he wasn't affected by it and force himself to be on the same level of attraction as he was prior?...for the most part, it's all about preference, and this particular man just happens to like women with hair...though a lot of people are shallow..I'm not sure that's the case here.
@JordanNash If only guys can understand beauty isn't just about the shell.