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it started off with the b1a4 members wearing headphones and eye masks so that th they couldn't see how many people had come and the MC told the audience to be wuiet and so they members took their headphones off. The MC asked them how they felt and many of them said they were nervous and the crowd remained silent. They finally took of their eye masks and they saw the huge crowd in front of them. CNU cried and Baro teared up. I cried a bit too GO ON THE V STAR CAST LIVESTEEAMING APP TO WATCH THEM SING THEIR NEW SONG "SWEET GIRL"
@stephanieduong I know!!!! It made me so surprised that they doubted so much about how many people would come and they were so worried that even after the concert during the last comments even Sandeul started crying because he was so worried that no one would have come because he thought "Its been a year and one month since our last comeback and I wondered if people had wondered where we had gone, if b1a4 didn't exist anymore" and he was so nervous that no one would be there at the concert 😢😢 I cried awww oppas please believe in us BANAS more!!! we love you just as much as you love us and we will forever be with you!!! ❤❤
@Stephanieduong I know I know!!! But they hadn't released an album in a year I understand how they might have thought that we could have left them but ofc not!!!! I hope they go world touring again do they could see how strong the BANAS are!!!
@tayunnie Oh my gosh!!!!!! Why would they think that! Us BANAS still love them so much!! And they don't even know how many BANAS are waiting for them outside of Korea... They have a whole fandom supporting them!
@stephanieduong I know!!!! can't wait can't wait!!!
@tayunnie Totally agree. I'm so excited for their album!! :D
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