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Diekirch is a small town in Luxembourg, best known for its brewery of the same name and the National Museum of Military History. I was in Diekirch a coupple of years ago when traveling Luxembourg. I did not had any intentions visiting this town, but public transport was just so cheap, I had to go everywhere. In the end, I actually enjoyed a half of day in this beautiful, small, "touristless" and peaceful town.
Diekirch, the small and picturesque district town of the canton, is situated at the river "Sûre" and surrounded by the heights such as "Haardt", "Goldknapp", "Seitert" and "Herrenberg". Diekirch offers you, in a small area, various leisure activities and entertainment. Diekirch should be discovered ... on foot! Here you can find a beautiful nature in a hospitable surrounding including a range of leisure activities such as museums, historical monuments, discovery of beautiful landscapes, open air entertainment in the pedestrian zone, strolling in the old quarter, snack bar, restaurants, shopping, sports, ... in short: relaxation all day long!
National Museum of Military History (Battle of the Bulge Museum), is a large museum largely dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge of World War II, which took place in Luxembourg in the winter of 1944-1945. Don't be put off by the first impression of a warehouse full of junk: the museum is actually a large, sprawling, multi-level complex, and the more impressive lifesize dioramas lie elsewhere, the star of the show being the mock-up of the night-time Sauer river crossing at Diekirch on January 18, 1945. Showrooms feature very extensive collections of weapons, small arms, uniforms, military equipment of all kinds, wheeled and tracked vehicles, in addition to numerous personal soldier’s belongings, photographs, documents and maps. There are also exhibitions of Luxembourg's contributions to various UN peacekeeping efforts and even an exhibit on the Soviet gulag that some Luxembourgish soldiers ended up in after the war. The presentation is starting to look rather dated, but there's still plenty to keep military and history buffs busy. The total number of artifacts on display is in the thousands, and it is easily the largest collection on the Battle of the Bulge in the entire region. The museum places a special emphasis on the impact the battle had on local civilians. Several tanks and artillery pieces outside.
If visiting Diekirch, try the local beer. I had better beer in my life, but you know that I just have to go local, when traveling.