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They say, "if you can't afford it, don't buy it". Scratch that.

Thanks to Christian Louboutin himself, the entire makeup game is about to change. Ladies, if you've always wanted a pair of red bottoms, but had to make the conscience decision of passing it up because rent was due -- now is your time to take full advantage.
Before you get too excited, let me start off by mentioning that the lipsticks aren't cheap -- then again neither are a pair of red bottoms. If you have the means to drop $90 on a lipstick, by all means do so -- I'm pretty sure it will be worth it. When you see the amazing gold and black packaging including twenty drool worthy shades (sheer and matte) -- the price might just slip your mind.
Go ahead and spoil yourself, you deserve it. I'm pretty sure your landlord won't hold you hostage if you're short on rent -- just explain that Christian Louboutin came through and you had priorities.

Mark your calendars because this September this beautiful collection is coming to a Saks Fifth Avenue near you.

that makes sense! plus when I buy a lipstick unless it's one I use daily it lasts for quite some time, so I think that this might just be an investment. I just have to think of it in that sense @Bekka
@jordanhamilton haha but if you do the calculations lets see is 18 to 20 each thats just an ex: imagine all those multiplied by $$ is gonna be more than $90 lol so it is deff. a yes yes
I def think it will be a hit or miss! I'm still contemplating lol but I guess I have some time to decide if I will purchase one or not. it all depends on the color payoff @Bekka
I would deff buy this!!! This is a bargain!!!! ^_^
yes I find expensive things flattering as much as the next woman. however, I want to buy product, not the name. the product speaks more than the name. yes I admit I have a weakness for the expensive. I love jimmy choo and LV, mac and makeup geek. I'm a woman and I love make up and similar products. I do buy for the product and not the name. (sorry but I'm not forking out 90 $ on a lip stick that can break or melt) I'll stick to milani, stila or drug store. lol
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