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Caroline Issa may be the fashion director for Tank magazine and a creative consultant on paper, but in reality she's best known for her street style chops. Her neat but interesting outfits are always kicked off with some statement heels, and she appreciates how a small pop of pattern can elevate an entire look. Want to get the Caroline Issa look? Me too.
Somewhere between midi and maxi.
Forget the tiny mini; when the temperatures rise, Issa has plenty of pretty summer dresses, and they all hit somewhere between mid-calf and ankle, striking a unique midi-maxi skirt hybrid. The easy a-line of a full skirt that almost comes to a midi-length is feminine but not fussy and polished without looking too prim.
Kicky culottes.
Issa has fully mastered this polished and professional, not-quite-pants, not-quite-shorts style for all seasons. Whether it's a clean white pair or a breezy a-line pair that resembles a full skirt when she moves, Issa graces the pavement in culottes like they've always been cool.
Vests and sleeveless jackets.
Tailored vests that take the place of a jacket and layer in style are having a major fashion moment. Issa rocks the trend a number of ways, adding polish to a sweet dress or a cool print to an otherwise understated look. She's giving me major layering inspiration for fall.
White staples.
As much as Issa embraces color, she appreciates the clean chicness of certain pieces in white. She offsets bold prints with a white tailored blazer, pair of pants, or girly skirt, that makes even the most eccentric outfits look neat and classic.
In case you hadn't noticed, Issa completes each look with the coolest shoes. In addition to taking the above steps toward achieving her style, a well-rounded shoe collection full of bright colors, bells, and whistles will definitely help you get the Caroline Issa look.