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That was a close call.

On Aug. 4 during Taylor Swift's Edmonton, Alberta 1989 show, a crazy fan lunged to grab her leg while she was singing pop hit, "Bad Blood". It definitely frightened Swift in-front of her thousands of watching fans at Canada's Rexall Place. A fan caught the exchange on an Instagram video that is now making its rounds around the internet. Security quickly defused the situation and assumably banned the fan from ever touching foot in another one of Swifts concerts. People need to remember that celebrities are people too.

"Once inside the venue, please keep all hands, arms, feet, and legs to yourself. Thank you for flying Swift airlines." -Safety announcement pre-concert

Obviously the guy was not listening when he decided to grab her leg for her attention. It isn't uncommon for fans to fan girl so much that they begin to objectify the star as nonhuman, godly, and extremely desirable. It's such a novelty in today's world to physically touch celebrities as odd as that sounds. However, in March, Taylor Swift's legs were announced to be insured for an insane $40 MILLION. So that fan should be thankful nothing happened to her legs.
@allenavw posted the first video of the incident to Instagram which went viral.
This video is all over the internet as everyone watches Swift get scared and then give an intense stare down, maybe she just worked that in to her song, Bad Blood. Whatever the case, Swift carried on like a seasoned pro and didn't let anyone bring her down (literally).

Do you think the leg grab was real or staged?

Hahaha her death stare is not intimidating at all! She needs to work on that. But I would be a little thrown off too because it looks like the guy is trying to literally jump on stage, which is a little bit concerning.
It looks like she was really frightened