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Preetma Singh, the fashion market director at Nylon, moved swiftly up the ranks of fashion editing after leaving her post as a lawyer, and her personal style is as sharp as she is. She always looks fashion-forward and cool, but with enough humor and brightness in each look that we know she has fun with fashion. I'm seriously crushing on Singh's style, from her green hair to her furry layers, so I'm going to show you how to get her look!
Living in leopard.
Singh is a star at mixing prints, her print of choice being leopard. She avoids classic or preppy prints, only turning to them when they're transformed next to quirky print and color combinations. Leopard is a great way to brighten up a look and keep it fresh and young, without looking tacky.
Furry accessories.
Singh has a wittiness to her style that looks like she knows her stuff without ever taking her personal style too seriously. One humorous element she adds to an outfit is a great furry statement accessories. From the rainbow scarf to a furry purse or gloves, she knows how to take a serious look down a notch, and up the boldness.
Dresses with slashes and strips.
Singh goes for cool prints and graphics without often wearing obvious patterns. Among her fascinating wardrobe are dresses with panels, slashes and strips creating texture and subtle patterns without being striped. The result? A laid-back kind of sexy cool, that's still daytime appropriate.
Cartoonish graphics.
One great way to mix high and low, retro and contemporary aesthetics, is with funny graphics, animal prints and cartoons. Singh has plenty of funny and in-your-face sweaters and jackets that are just loud enough to make a statement, but mesh so well with the rest of her wardrobe.

If I could dye my hair green and wear that much leopard and still look that good, I definitely would.

I agree, @JordanNash and @jordanhamilton! She's edgy but doesn't look like she's trying too hard to be. Her use of color, fur, and leather, is the most fun!
she;s gorgeous and her quirky, colorful sense of style is perfect! I need all parts in those green leather gloves.
I'm so in love with her hair! Not many people could pull that off and she is rocking it and it looks super edgy. Love love love!