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Ever wish your Hogwarts letter came in the mail? That Narnia actually existed? That there were flying ships in the clouds ready to take you away to something new? We all read books to escape the mundane, the boring reality of life as we know it, nothing special and nothing magical to drag us on an adventure. But is getting lost in a book really the only way to experience the incredible?
A backpack and a plan ticket can be your letter, your wardrobe, your sailing ship whisking you away from reality. Because backpacking pulls you into a community that is so different, so unique, so unreal that it actually is its own magic.
You find yourself thrust into a place you have never been before, each street a mystery, the food confusing and every minute a separate adventure. You find strangers, people so different from you its hard not to ask the stupidest of questions and you stay with them. You eat with them, you drink with them, you party and discover and learn with them.
Your backpack becomes your anchor to home, yet it never pulls you back. It keeps you going, always full of anything you need (an a few things you don't). It's your reminder that home is always waiting, but the adventure doesn't need to end.
And after you do go home, throw the backpack to the corner of your room and start using drawers again, you touch it from time to time. The magic still woven into the thing used solely in your fantasy life. One where stranger danger doesn't exit and trying the same thing twice is stupid but trying it once is a must. Of love and friendship and strangers that become apart of you.
And it's the backpack that always brings you back, back to places you have never even been before yet still call your name. And if that isn't something out of the story books I don't know what is.
That quote at the bottom describes my love for London so much. I want to go there so badly and I will! Escape is a necessary want I think. Love this.
@jordanhamilton if you already conquered one dream then i have no doubt that you will conquer paris and Italy! I totally wannna do paris but when i have more money and can ballllll out lol so thats a long term goal for me :)
I need to get on your level as far as you and @TessStevens idea of backpacking because I'm still backpacking from state to state, haha. but I want to do Paris and Italy one day. dreams do come true though, I'm a living witness of that. and shout out to amazing parents!!!! :)
@TessStevens GO FOR IT!! start applying for jobs and just do it, being young is the best time for such a drastic change !!! @jordanhamilton yes exactly if i didn't have amazing parents with their door always open for me and who have ALWAYS pushed me to try new things and embrace travel backpacking would have been that much harder. Support is key!
love this! I kinda feel like the situation I'm in right now, I'm backpacking -- haha and I must admit, I wouldn't trade it for the world. but just knowing that if I wanted to go back home the door is always open is reassuring :) great card, per usual !
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