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Ever wondered what idols would be like if they were animated movie, cartoon or anime characters?

Well, wonder no longer. Now presenting, K-Pop Animated!

If you would like to see an idol as an animated character, make sure to let me know in the comments and I will make a card for them! ^_^

This time it's G-Dragon! How would you train GD...if he was Toothless from How to train your Dragon? Thanks to @danidee for this suggestion!

First, you would have to plan his training since he is one of a kind.
Because he is one adorable monster, he will try to distract you constantly.
But you have to give him credit for being a good boy.
And let him know how much of a lovable fool he is.
Remember to fly with him everyday and let him master his wings.
Shake your heads whenever that xx shows up and tries to make fun of you guys.
Always be there for him when he needs you.
Remind him to do what is right, even though he already knows.
Calm him down and reassure him when he's feeling blue.
Cherish the wonderful time that you get to spend with him.
Stare in to the sunset glow as you relax at the end of training.
Let me know your suggestions for the next K-pop Animated!
I had too much fun making this...LOL @PassTheSuga @aabxo @jiggzy19 @MattK95 @DancingPartyTme @StephanieDuong @Taijiotter @chandnip804@sherrysahar @Ambie @stevieq @JazzyPie @PamelaPenaloza @AkiraCondry @Uniangel18 @patoramirez9798 @solodaywithB1A4 @ErinGregory @KatelynSummerso @Allyphernelia @VixenViVi @shjej5835 @alondrasalas09 @DanieTate @FabiolaGavina @coconutt @kvnguyen @RebeccaPownall @NoelleKimberly @ygvip21 @heidichiesa @nokita @daisyzheng02 @WonnieLee @DannyNeders @MinionPeach17 @SunnyV @KpopGaby @luotl88 @yessiex3 @claudia7 @CristelaLoz @zaria36915 @xxchicharitoxx @SaraHanna @Rachelwoo2 @Drizzly88 @sanazsanaz @jedeleon28 @JackieMurrayCab @GCLyall @KDramaKPop1015 @supershowolarmy @koreanlover909 @chelsiec25 @kfeind7 @edwinbermudez @KpopGaby @hlsv @zellie15 @MichiGo4L @KaceyDodge @Allyphernelia @TatiCee @RochelleRose @AlexsisGrossman @ChibiFox @liuser5ever @xxchicharitoxx @nokita @Nyongtory @Marilovexoxo @sharayahtodd @88mina88 @TMinusEleven @CandaceJordan @SerenaMcG @KatieRussell @sugajin94 @Lov3lyLady3m @majesticx @AimeeH @aliciasalinas @BluBear07 @glostick @StefaniTre @baileykayleen @najalong1998 @AsianInvasion97 @majesticx @PaigeBennish @KutieKiKi @ErikaOrtiz @WafflesDrowing @MagicBananas @LovinJade @Maaari @JustinaNguyen @WiviDemol @jluma21 @VIPforever123 @nenithsunico @urlocalfangirl @AraceliJimenez @Saki1 @RochelleDiamond @BlackXShield @amobigbang @namelessx @FruityPoptart @mizmatch @DetkaN @otakulover978 @fourstargeneral @Mikim000 @kpoploves @lamrotamrot @jerilynmaniego @katiems @ephneyt @hatrangpham @jannatd93
This is beyond beautiful! I can't begin to explain how much I love this card ❤❤❤ I'm so close to tears it's not even funny, I don't know why. My favorite animation combined with my ultimate bias :') My day is complete 👌
Love!!! That second gif=the way he looked at the chick in let's not fall in love XD
i thought the same thing @kutiekiki
Ohhhh yes I want one too !!! ❤️❤️❤️@LovinJade
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