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Fashion Plagiarism.

Moschino and Jeremy Scott... this is not your design. Actually, the graffiti theme that you took for your own is actually the making of Joseph Tierney- known as Rime- who is very well known graffiti artist that you both decided to rip off. I'm just surprised you thought you would get away with it by donning it on one of the most famous celebrities at one of the biggest and most prestigious celebrity events of the year. Stupid move.

These are the "Vandal Eyes".

Rime is breaking at all of the stops, claiming that Moschino and Jeremy blatantly copied his Detroit 'Vandal Eyes' mural that he did in 2012. If the can of spray paint wasn't a hint enough that it wasn't their work, I don't know what does. Rime knows that they plagiarized his work strictly to get mass recognition and constant publicity - graffiti art on high end fashion is shocking as it is. As Moschino's autumn/winter collections start to debut, Rime demands that his pieces be removed. Rime is going to court to defend his copyright under unfair competition and publicity rights claims. He will also appeal for damages.

Even Gigi Hadid was wearing it on the runway.

Here's some excerpts from the lawsuit...

“Rime is a well-known artist. Defendants Moschino and Jeremy Scott - two household names in high fashion - inexplicably placed Rime’s art on their highest-profile apparel without his knowledge or consent."
“If this literal misappropriation were not bad enough, Moschino and Jeremy Scott did their own painting over that of the artist - superimposing the Moschino and Jeremy Scott brand names in spray-paint style as if part of the original work.”
“Not only did Ms. Perry and Defendant Scott advertise, wear, and display the clothing at the event, they arrived at the event in a spray painted Rolls Royce, and even carried around Moschino branded cans of fake spray paint during the event, as if Defendants were responsible for the artwork.”
You can read the full lawsuit here :
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Hope he wins.