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As I sat at work, all I could think about was purchasing a new book. My mind needed fuel and my heart needed reassurance.

The clock strikes 5 o'clock and I begin to gather my belongings. Dashing off the elevator down the street to the 23rd Street subway station -- I make it just in time. I run on the N train anticipating getting off at the next stop. The only thing on my mind is Strand Bookstore. I guess you could say it's my special hiding place when I need to get away.
I rummage through the books trying to find one that speaks to me. I google reviews on Amazon for pretty much every single book I pick up and eventually put back down. While walking up and down the aisles, I stumble across two books -- one I have had my eye on for sometime now and one that the title immediately caught my eye, The Lovers Dictionary and My Heart is an Idiot. I'm pretty sure you can guess which title caught my eye first.
I gasp and run in line. With ten other people ahead of me, the line actually moves quicker than I had anticipated. I purchase my two books, spending more than I had planned -- but I am pleased.
I run into the subway terminal hoping that the R train is there as soon as I arrive, but as I'm running down the steps -- the train is pulling off. It always happens that way.
While I wait, I pull out The Love Dictionary and start reading. I'm immediately enthralled by the diction and imagery the author conveys through his writing. My heart flutters every time I turn a page.
A young man standing beside me taps me, but I don't feel him until he taps me a second time. I look at him and he begins small talk -- which I'm not much of a fan of, but he's friendly so I oblige.
He sees me reading my book and says, "you're a hopeless romantic aren't you?"
I reply saying, "I guess you could say that."
giving me a smile of endearment he says, "I've been down that road before."
I chuckle.
he says, "don't worry, it gets better" and goes on to ask about the train we are waiting for.
I don't know this guy and he doesn't know me, but the mere fact that he reassured me that it gets better was enough to make all my worries and cares disappear.
I don't think we meet people on accident. Whether they are in our lives for five seconds or five years, they are there to teach us a lesson.

It's up to us at the end of the day to decide whether we will take that lesson and do something positive with it.

I was romantic once, I think I still might be at the heart, but things get in the way, and priorities shift. I'm glad you're finding some peace @jordanhamilton good things have a way of finding good people.
most definitely! @christianmordi as I've gotten older I've slowly, but surely learned the art of being patient. it's hard, but it's worth it.
this is amazing!! i love friendly people and sometimes small talk from a random is exactly what we need, like a sign sent from God to remind us its all ok!
yeah.. I think we have all been down that road, relationships come with time, we just have to be patient and enjoy the ride until then
Awesome card, I loved the gif of the two waiting for the train!
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