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The Academy Award-Winning writer is teaming up with Marvel and ABC. But they're keeping a tight lid on the details.

Ridley dismissed rumors about the new series today, stating "I can tell you that 99.99999 percent of everything that was put on social media was so phenomenally off-the-mark.” And... that's pretty much it for details. We don't know how long the projected season is going to be, what characters or stories are going to be explored. Nothing.

Which means it's time to speculate.

There are a few great theories floating around, but I definitely want to hear yours as well. What do you think we can expect from the writer that brought us 12 Years a Slave, American Crime, and Static Shock?

An exploration of race and heroism through the Captain America mythos?

Truth: Red, White & Black is a really grim tale. Written in 2003, it follows Isaiah Bradley, a man who is subjected to medical experiments in an attempt to replicate the super soldier serum that brought us Captain America. Intentionally reminiscent of the horrific medial trials African-Americans were subjected to after the Civil War, the comic reveals the ugly side of our hero stories. A.V. Club reported that the show “involves reinventing an existing Marvel superhero character or property”, and while it's a bit of a stretch, that could refer to this lesser-known Captain America comic.
With Ridley's track record, he could definitely do an incredible adaptation of the comic, and it's short enough that a miniseries would work very well.

A new super-powered team?

While plenty of Marvel's superheroes can stand alone, they're more well-known for their awesome teams. The Young Avengers team features teenagers that are tangentially connected to the Avengers, but most of their stories are completely independent. Featuring America Chavez (Miss America) Wiccan, and Patriot (the grandson of Isaiah Bradley), the Young Avengers have a lot of appeal for more diverse audiences. One has to assume that's who they're courting by collaborating with Ridley. Plus, Young Loki is usually associated with them, and Marvel fans are still very interested in the character.
There's already a Young Avengers cartoon, but the series is definitely aimed at a younger audience. An older version that's true to the comics would demonstrate that they're actually committed to better representation.

An appeal to fans?

There's been a lot of demand for a Black Widow film, and it doesn't seem like it's going to happen any time soon. Would it be possible for Marvel to try and compromise by creating a miniseries featuring the character? The Ultimates version of Black Widow is a little different from the one we know from the recent films. Her backstory is the same, but she has cybernetic enhancements and a black Iron Man suit at her disposal. The Ultimates universe is a more modern imagining of The Avengers, which might appeal to a director like Ridley.
It's the kind of thing Marvel can do on TV, because it won't disrupt the continuity they're already struggling with in the films.

It's a mystery!

I think everyone on Vingle knows how impatient I can be by now. What does everyone else think? Are there any comics you'd be interested in seeing adapted by Ridley?
exactly! but I think we'll have to wait to see unfortunately :( they always surprise us
@BPF1916 I definitely get that! And honestly, some comics are a little dated in the way they portray race and gender, which is the kind of thing Ridley is really well-known for. Part of me wishes that instead of altering something and trying to 'fix' what was messed up about it, we should leave it in the past and do something new. Which is why I am REALLY hoping for a Young Avengers show. Like @christianmordi said it would be a very Heroes-esque show and there's a lot more diversity there than other comics. So they wouldn't need to change anything, they could stay true to the original intentions of the story!
I really don't like messing with comics! their like a person. with flaws and virtues.. and even with those flaws they are perfect somehow! it's a very dedicated balance lol
I would LOVE to see a new show similar to "Heroes" right now. I thought that show was awesome, and with Ridley involved a show like that could take off!
@DanRodriguez @shannonl5 yea I remember them that would be a good one to do :)
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