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5 Anti-Heroes You Have A Totally Weird Crush on

You may think there's something wrong with you if you're into these guys, but you can't help it right?

1. Dexter

He's a charmer and of course on the surface he's pretty normal. He's a good looking guy too, like, swoon-worthy, and what's even more disturbing about this crush, is that he's a SERIAL KILLER, but that doesn't bother you somehow???

2. Tyler Durden

O.K. to be fair this is Brad Pitt, are you sure you don't just have a crush on Brad Pitt? Well, you do love a good amount of mayhem and you consider yourself to be "enlightened" too. YOu'd totally attend a Fight Club and get in the ring with him, no matter how hard it hurts. Actually that's kind of messed up. But, whatever.

3. Jordan Belfort

Who wouldn't want to live in the lap of luxury and eat bon bons on a yaht with a rich dude who gives you whatever you want? I can't think of anyone who'd say no to that.
Except, there is the morality thing, and him stealing money from people and doing drugs and cheating on you...eh whatever, still a crush.

4. Michael Corleone

He's Italian, he treats women with respect, he's got power and influence and he's super dreamy. How can you not be in love with that? His family's a "little difficult" and he's got some blood on his hands, but you don't care, because you'd rather take the gun than the cannolis anyway.

5. Jax Teller

People literally cry over how beautiful Jax Teller is. Like, he rides a motorcycle, loves his kids, respects his wife and is an all around badass. He's a man's man, but is sensitive too. And that hair...man.
He is however; an outlaw biker who has no problem busting a cap in anyone who crosses him. So I don't know. Don't get on his bad side?
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