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August 5th marked the 53rd anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death. As a tribute to the fashion icon, here is a look back at some of her best looks.
Another iconic look from one of the movies that Marilyn played in. This gold lame gown was designed by William Travilla, the same man who designed the iconic white-halter dress. This look was from 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,' and Marilyn wore this same dress to promote the film at the 1953 Photoplay Awards. The dress was considered vulgar by some of her fellow actresses.
This shot is from a photoshoot for LIFE magazine of Marilyn at her home in Hollywood in 1953. The pictures for the spread were taken by famous, professional photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt. Marilyn was 26 years old in the pictures. Marilyn wore a simple black turtleneck and white pants during the photoshoot.
This is another shot from the 1953 photoshoot by Alfred Eisenstaedt at Marilyn's home. While she was famous for her sultry stare, her smile was just as iconic. Marilyn wears a simple black turtleneck and loose, checkered pants in this photo.
This iconic look is one of Marilyn's most famous ensembles. Only Marilyn Monroe could make a wardrobe malfunction look this fashionable. This look was from 'The Seven Year Itch,' a movie released in 1955. This white-halter dress was designed by William Travilla.
Marilyn wears a white one-piece swimsuit during a photoshoot in 1956 on Long Island. She was photographed by Sam Shaw. Marilyn was known for not having a "perfect" body. She was proud of her curves and her confidence made her even sexier.

A fashion icon who died way too early.

Ah I'm in love! Yes you're so right. I love the pictures of her in the black turtle neck and the white swimsuit, it shows her as a beautiful, real human! She is sorely missed ;/ Wonderful card about an amazing icon.
She was a very talented woman. The sad thing is that she was labeled as a dumb blonde and she was very intelligent and talented. There is and was so much more to her than anyone ever gave her credit for. She is my hero because of how hard she worked and studied. Truly a life lost way to early.
She was beautiful
@TessStevens I totally agree! I love her the most in the simple outfits because it lets her true, natural beauty shine through. An amazing woman
@TessStevens I feel like you will like this