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So I just went to a One Direction concert, I know, I know, there are very mixed feelings about the boy band but stick with me. I am not a huge fan, although after their concert I totally like them even more.
And just because I wasn't a die hard fan, I had an AMAZING time. And its because I followed these simple (yet effective) rules.
1. Fan Girl (or fan boy) !!!!
One of the best things about concerts is looking around the stadium and seeing thousands of people who are so different come together and celebrate the music they love! Feed off of their excitement and stop trying to act cool. Scream and yell and lose your voice. Shout about how much you love your fav person on stage even though you know they can't hear it. Join in on the clapping and just have a ball!
2. Don't get wasted
Yes, having some beers and getting your drunk on rocks, even if they are $11 bucks a pop, but getting totally trashed ruins the concert, and not just for you. Your friends have to make sure you don't fall down the steps of the stadium (which are steep as fuck) and you don't even get to remember the epic-ness of the concert! I literally watched this kid eat it down the steps last night, but we made friends with him before so it wasn't too bad!
3. Make friends with the fans around you!
You are all sitting subway style close, you might as well be friends. Last night we made friends with the drunk 22 year olds in front of us, the 15 year old fan girls behind us and the mom with her two 6 year old daughters next to us and it ROCKED. You can all talk about the songs you love, the members you are obsessed with and have people to back up your chat of "one more song"!
4. Dont snap chat the whole thing!
We all have a problem with snap chatting! Recording some of your fav songs and snapping pics of your besties jamming out is totally fine, but spending the whole time watching the concert though your phone screen isn't fun! Limit the snaps and focus more on rocking out!
But on the good songs you best have your phone flash light out and swaying!